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Spotsuite is a crossroads between knowledge and space, between tradition and the future, a place where latitude and longitude meet at the junction of knowledge, art and history.

With Spotsuite, anyone can pinpoint on a map those places where something special has happened, whether in real life or in fiction. We call these special places “spots”, and each one can contain information in various formats, including text, images, sounds, videos, etc.

The next step is to connect different “spots” to create walking and other self-guided routes. These routes can be designed around different themes: places where a famous author lived or worked, historical sites, places where a novel is set, must-go-to places on a gastronomic tour, unique buildings in a particular town or city... Space, knowledge and imagination are the three necessary ingredients for creating any type of route.

Anyone can design a route and anyone can enjoy these on Spotsuite. So, you can not only research and design your own routes, you can also download routes created by other users with similar tastes and interests. Sharing knowledge is the main philosophy behind Spotsuite.

And if your interests lie in a specific field, you can also use our Spotsuite channels, which are dedicated exclusively to topics such as literature, film, gastronomy, television series, etc.

Once you have saved the routes you are interested in, you can drag them in situ to your mobile device; all you need is to install the Spotsuite app, which is available for all Android and Apple devices.

Whether you are travelling to the other side of the world or are simply taking advantage of the weekend to do something close to home, exploring one of Spotsuite’s thematic routes is an excellent recreational and travel alternative and a different way to relate to space and share knowledge with other users.