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Spotsuite allows both individual users and organisations to create and share routes related to diverse themes such as history, literature, gastronomy, etc. These routes can be dragged in situ to any mobile device which has the Spotsuite app installed.

Any institution, business or organisation can create its own thematic routes for free using our web platform and app, without having to assume the expensive software development costs involved in creating a website and app of their own.

Why might an organisation be interested in creating and sharing routes? The most obvious reason may be to show the virtues of a particular town or place. A thematic route targets a highly specific segment of possible visitors to the place in question: gastronomic tours, historical tours, routes associated with a television series… Some of these themes may even have their own Spotsuite channel with contents exclusively aimed at the same subject matter.

Another reason may involve promoting a product or service. For example, museums which want to complement what they offer by exploring relevant sites around the city; or a publishing house which wants to promote a book by creating routes which take users on a tour of important places featured in the story; or a tour of places which appear in a film; or a beer manufacturer which invites us to take a tour of different pubs…

There are many possibilities and at Spotsuite we are sure that a route, in addition to being an instrument for sharing and acquiring knowledge, is also a powerful marketing tool with any number of applications.

The main advantage of thematic routes is the precision with which an enterprise can address its target audience, since it can direct its message at different segments in function of specific interests: cultural, recreational, language, local or overseas travel, etc. All of this information enables businesses and organisations to design effective communication plans, either through their own channels or through Spotsuite's route promotion service.

And if instead of creating a new route your organisation would rather take advantage of thematic routes already published by other Spotsuite users to reach your target audience, we also offer related advertising space which route users can visualize on their screens. If you are interested in learning more about the marketing and communication options which we will soon be offering to enterprises and organisations, please contact us and we will be happy to inform you.